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Some Where in Blog
Bangla blog site, good source of information and articles by varioius writers.

One of the prominent weekly magazines. Internatioinal subscription and online version available.

Computer Jagat
Monthly computer jagat; popular magazine published every month with latest information about IT in Bangladesh.

Computer Barta
The Monthly Computer Barta, the popular ICT magazine that is working as a leading ICT media. Basically, The Monthly Computer Barta is working to create a new industry named ICT and Electronics in Bangladesh.

Colors of Bangladesh
Everything you wanted to know about Bangladesh.

Meghbarta is an independent web-zine run on the basis of editorial policy agreed by a number of activists-writers-performers-journalists-photojournalist-artists. As a forum for online activism Meghbarta works to contribute to global and local struggles.

Monthly At-Tahreek
An extra-ordinary Islamic Research Journal of Bangladesh based on real Tawheed and Sahih Sunnah.aming to establishing a pure islamic society in Bangladesh.

Grameen Dialogue
Newsletter published by the Grameen Trust Bangladesh. Grameen trust, a non profit organization, created to promote awareness and action for the elimination of hunger and poverty.

Porshi Monthly
Porshi is a Bangla monthly publication based in Silicon Valley, California. The objective of Porshi is to create a bridge amongst the Bangla speaking communities spread around the world utilizing the common bond of Bangla language and culture.

Deshi Boi
Online Bangla Library For latest bangla magazine, All bangla books And newest English magazine and books.

Gurpukur Science
Gurpukur is a development organization of sharing knowledge and experiences of individual or of any group. Gurpukur Research Institute (GPRI) is an associate organization of Gurpukur, attached with innovative and informative research.

Monojagot Monthly Mental Health Magazine in Bangla
A First Monthly Mental Health Magazine in Bangla edited by Dr. A H Mohammad Firoj. This is a very popular magazine in Bangladesh as well as abroad. The Monojagot is helping the people to conscious about physical mental and sexual health.

Unmad bangla cartoon magazine
Unmad a paben cartoon, bango, mojadar chobi, golpo, obhiggota, ebong ettadi

Female Bangladesh
This is the website of Bangladesh female Magazine. From here you can get various story of female in bangladesh
Bangladeshi women’s Magazine.

Online Information technology magazine by ittefaq group. ITTEFAQ Bhaban, 1 R K Mission Road, Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh.

Bengali Books
Bengali Short Story Collections. Shown above are the six Bengali short story collections by the renowned author Eva Khashnobish.

Sonar Bangladesh Magazine
Sonar Bangladesh A Portrait of Glorious Bangladesh. A monthly online magazine.
C NEWS - Voice of Technology - the monthly IT publication from Bangladesh

Internet Bangla Magazine Basbhumi
Australian First Internet Bangla Magazine 87 Ryan Place, Beacon Hill NSW 2100 Australia.

Pcworld Bangladesh
The leading monthly IT magazine in Bangladesh and it was first published in june 1996.

Current Issue Bangaladesh
Current Issue the first Bangla Career Magazine that has a unicode compliant web site with rich and user-friendly interface. It aims to be the most career friendly magazine for Bangladesh.

Economic Observer
In publication since 1966 in the English language covering various economic and business stories. Ever maintaining high journalistic standards without compromise.FOR DETAILS TO CONTACTECONOMIC OBSERVER14 UTTARA MODEL TOWN ROAD 17 SECTOR

Online version of Weekly Bangladeshi Magazine Shaptahik.

Bangla Magazines
Worldwide subscription of popular Bangladeshi Bangla magazines.

Robber by Ittefaq Magazine
This is the site of robbar magazine a part of ittefaq. From here you can get story, literature, news of Bangladesh.

Bangla Mela
This is the of BANGLA MELA online web is many catagories- novel, story,poem,essay,etc.

Untold Facts
A truly sharing portal of the untold facts regarding Bangladesh and this region.

ICE Today Magazine
Teen Magazine focusing on Fashion, Education, Food, Business Travel and other related information.

Kabita Patra
KabitaPatra is a poetry website for 300 million Bangla speaking and reading people all over the globe. Ershad Mazumder,a Dhaka based Bangladeshi poet,journalist and writer is the Chief Editor and founder of the magazine.

A popular Bangla magazine.

e Magazine Bangladesh
this is a site of e magazine bangladesh. entertainment, news, culture, fashion, society, etc.

Business Magazine Bangladesh
This is an online magazine about bangladesh Business world. from here You can get bangladeshi business news.

Bengali online magazine.

InsideDesi was founded on the principle of delivering timely, relevant and free content to the South Asian community. InsideDesi Online Asian lifestyle magazine providing news on Desi entertainment, Bollywood, fashion, celebrities and much more...

A new Bangla magazine.

Tilottama Bangla
A Bengali online magazine.

Bangla Online Magazine

Guru Chandali
A totally online Bangla ezine.

Weekly Abakash
A weekly magazine published in Naya Diganta

Mukto Bangla magazine

Bengali Little Magazines and Arts - Srishtisandhan
Bengali Little Magazine Bengali Magazine Bangla Magazine Bengali Literature, bangle lekha, chobi, galpo, kabita, gaan.

Online version of Bangle Magazine Kisharkantha.

The monthly Alkawsar
The magazine Alkawser began its journey on Muharram 1426 Hijri, February 2005 with this view. And today, only by the Grace of Allah SubhanuTala it has got the opportunity to present some portion of it in the web.

eBiz online
This is the of ebiz online a part of ittefaq. from here you can get tha information of business

Bartaman Sanglap
Bangla Weekly Bartaman Sanglap.

Bangladeshi magazine on energy and power sectors - Energy & Power
A weekly magazine on energy and power sectors.Editor: Mollah Amzad Hossain Eastern Trade Center Room 509 56, Inner Circular Road Dhaka 1000 Tel: +880-2-835 4532.

Magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising

Sonar Bangla
Weekly Sonar Bangla Magazine from Bangladesh

Society and Culture related monthly magazine.

An inclusive e-journal for Bangladeshis at home and abroad.

Bengali Times
Weekly Bengali Times.

A Bengali webzine.

Parjaton Bichitra
Travel and Turist magazine.

Online weekly Bengali magazine in Southern Hemisphere, Australia.

Lakshimpur Barta
As the creation of Bangladesh is a surprise in the map of the world, so greater Noakhali is an area which has a distinct and remarkable position in Bangladesh.

Generation next
1st Lifestyle Magazine of Bangladesh

Parikkrama is an independent Bengali Magazine published biomonthly from Sweden.

Technology News
From here you can get all the latest information about Technology.

Online Magazine In Bangladesh.

ICT Barometer
Bangla ICT Online Newspaper. It is completely in UNICODE and updating all the time. In Bangla and English.

Weekly Economic Times Magazine
Reviews about Bangladesh Economics, regarding Real Estate, Food, Garments and other sectors.

A monthly Bangla online magazine.

Bengal Net
West bengal portal magazine, cooking , sports, stories and more.

A popular web magazine.

Bangla Mati
Bangla Mati, Bangladesh O Bangla Bhasar Bangla Web Magazine.

Magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising
The Largest and Most Popular Online Bangla Health Magazine/ Newspaper.

The Executive Times

Bangla Web Magazine
A Magazine For Youth and Children with all Moral matters

Online Bengali Book Store
Largest stock of Bengali Books. Daily update. Bangla Boi, Magazine, Saradia Magazine

Probe News Magazine
About Bangladesh, politics, business and other related issues.

Parabaas Magazine
This is the site of Parabaas magazine. From here you can get story, literature, news of Bangladesh.

ChupMagazine is the place for Urban Bengalis.

Probasi Bangladesh Magazine
Bangla Web Magazine Bangladeshis Voice over the net.

News Hours BD
Popular online base news site. Both Bangla and English version.

Shara Rhitu
SHARA RHITU or FOUR SEASONS is an independent bi-monthly magazine dicated to cultural liberty of Australia and Bangladesh.

Nature conservation and wildlife magazine from Bangladesh. Nishorga means beauty of nature. Nishorga is the first nature conservation and wildlife magazine from Bangladesh.

Travel guide
After all, Bangladesh has been receiving poor marks in Transparency Internationals, a website of resources and storytelling.

Magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising

Non Stop Update
Online Magazine

Shatorupa Online web Magazine
This is the of shatorupa online web is many catagories- novel, story,poem,essay,etc.

Shuddhashar is a Magazine since 1990..

Julfikar Ali Manik,a senior Journalist of Daily Star,wrote an article,as he justified a long waited peoples demand of war-criminals of 1971 must go on trial at this moment.

The Pharma World
The first and the only monthly Pharmaceutical Journal of its kind in Bangladesh designed to cater to the needs of the Pharmaceutical & Health sector.

Magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising

Enews Digest.
Online magazine eNews Digest. Information, discovery, science.

Watch Bangladesh
A newly launched online Magazine

Magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising

Unnayan News
UnnayanNews is the first multimedia and development webzine in South Asia that actively promotes human rights and development matters focusing to MDGs, ICT4development and culture and unity by practicing innovative online and multimedia journalism.

Utsab Patrika
Published from Kolkata India and Bangladesh. Utsab Patrika magazine.

Fashion show in Ahsan Manzil

The stoic walls of Ahsan Manzil in Old Dhaka were alive again last Thursday night. In the times of the nawabs, the dome of this palace was perhaps the highest point of Dhaka, drawing intrigued people from all over. On the night of April 1, there was a gathering of not nawabs and zamindars but of admirers of haute couture and connoisseurs of art. The occasion was the fashion show arranged by Tootli Rahman. Titled, “The Evolution of Saree of the Subcontinent over 100 years,” the event was sponsored by City Bank Ltd and American Express. The audience was mesmerised by the razzle-dazzle, opulence and intricate embellishments; and the models looked good too. The palace wore a festive look and the allure of saree amazed all. Saree is undoubtedly the simplest yet most beautiful garment but many people are unaware of its history. The aim of this show was to discover it, in fact to relive it. First came a simulation of the Mughal era. The models descended from an elephant. The segment began with a dance. In this era sarees were not so prevalent, and were heavily embroidered with zardozi work and semi-precious stones. The embroidery was done using real gold or silver threads. After the Mughals came the Zamindars in a horse-drawn carriage. This was also the time when the British ruled the subcontinent. The saree then was worn in the ek pyach (draped around the body in a single wrap) style. The ladies of the Tagore household updated and changed the way saree was worn. The late 1800s paved way for the Victorian style of long sleeved blouse, and saree camouflaged as gowns, accessorised with hats, gloves, lace ruffles, capes and more. In the 1940s and ’50s women of the subcontinent followed the style of Indian filmstars and a number of new styles were introduced, such as short blouse, which was in contrast to the conservative style of the Brtish Raj. High neck, short sleeves popularised by Suchitra Sen and her contemporaries also made an impact. The next two decades were influenced by the Hippy style. Women wore go-go glasses, large hoop earrings and large necklaces, and their sarees were heavily embellished with flowers and vibrant colours. In the disco era, the glitter, the shimmer and the gloss reigned supreme. As a new nation was born in 1971, saree also found an expression and acceptance. The Bangladeshi role models were Kabori, Shabana and Bobita. In this segment models in green and red took over the runway. The 1990s said goodbye to the glitz of disco, and embraced a style that was more elegant and subdued. Nakshi Katha, vegetable dyes, Mipur and Tangail sarees became popular. Around this time we also rediscovered a heritage — the Jamdani. From 2000 onwards fashion in the subcontinent has seen vibrant colours, subdued blends, fusion, influence of Hollywood and Bollywood and perseverance of our own traditional forms. “The saree evolution will continue if more support is given and women are encouraged,” said fashion designer Tootli Rahman. “We did a show in Lalbagh celebrating 400 years of Dhaka. I wanted to do something particular on sarees and thought that Ahsan Manzil would be a great venue for the show,” she added. The process was arduous, but the Cultural Ministry was very supportive. I had been dreaming about this for the last five years. What my grandparents used to wear — the styles and trends of those days inspired me. Everything has changed but history also repeats itself. It was wonderful working with all the people who have supported me,” Rahman said. The show was choreographed was by Tootli Rahman. Assistant choreographer was Luna; make-up and hair was by Kaniz Almas Khan of Persona. Jewellery were provided by Purobi Jewellers. The chief guest was Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury, Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs. Media Partners were Channel i, Radio Foorti, Canvas, Dia Asiana and Ice Today. Square Toiletries Ltd., Marico, Golden Harvest, Aqua Paints, Infrablue Technology and RC Cola also sponsored the show.

Click here to see the gorgeous pictures from the fashion night on Flickr

Fashion in Campus

Fashion a word that is often used to theorize a society's most talked about generation. Forgotten are the days of socialist revolutionary heat pumping through the veins of the young and the restless or the poetic drive of Rabindranath that used to define this generation. Kids nowadays are more into the whole cell phone/straight-hair poodle styles. Even if it was pretty hard to imagine just a decade ago what this generation has turned into its fun now when we track it back to the times when cable TV waltzed into the city. And now each group has its own style in the varsity campus. Starting from of course, what brand of cell phones they use, what type of hair spikes they prefer, what brand of watch they show off and the pair of jeans they wear.

And girls going out of their ways to match their flipflops with their blouse, bag, the pouch inside their bag, earrings, cell phones, contact lens…and the infinite list goes on!

Extremities aside, the campus fashion nowadays swings both ways for men and women craving for that urban look while holding their own roots. They go for the raw trend that shops like Jatra, Deshal, or Piran subsists to set.

For women the obsession for straight hair still persists with full force. Short kurtas worn with embroidered jeans became fairly popular in the last few years. Metal bangles and clay ornaments from Shadakalo, Aarong, and other designer boutiques compliments such attire. Interestingly enough, the most popular stilettos that used to be the in thing just a few years ago has been drastically replaced by the almost flat sandal/strap on shoes similar to those of the ancient Greek mythical characters used to wear. Silver toe rings seems to go nicely with these strappy sandals while nose rings and other accessories harmonizes with the raw beauty that the girls go after.

Guys on the other hand are becoming more metro these days. Headgears are what comprises most of what they call fashion. Bandana is most common among the men in the campus that would obviously go with the “hot bike owner” look (even if the bike is missing from the picture). But in a typical day with scheduled classes back to back, guys are mostly seen to wear quarter sleeved t-shirts with a contrasting shirt on top. Body piercing nowadays took a steep turn towards metro urban looks the guys go after. Even though tattoos are considered taboo, one can still take a little peak at the most unimaginable part of the body and find one!

Incidentally, the campus trend says more than just what people wear or carry these days. The name they go by says a lot about their fashion sense as well. For instance, a few days ago I heard someone yell out “Kasper!” whose real name turned out to be Kashem uddin. Go figure!

Call them annoying, or superficial, or simply “beyadopp”, they are the new generation who brings most of the colors, diversity and sometimes a breath of fresh air with them and their diverse fashion.

Participants: Shovon, Tumpa, Numan, Rain, Tanjima, Nafisa, Sabrina, Nafis, Miran, Muntasir, Dithi, Srutee, Radia, Tomal & Tuni
Location: BRAC University

Fashion Management 101

Flip your hair 45 degrees and click the tips of your heels through that campus door to score that perfect 'A' for some gawking fashion statement inside your university campus. Whoever said university was all about education? I say getting your outfit set to last ten hours without any bent, slit or stain on it is far more important in life. In fact, let me tell you exactly how each and every fashion tip for campus goers is directly proportional to their success in life.

Straightening the hair
It's not just about the act; it's the preparation, patience and determination that go on behind it. Oh and yes, the money too. It's no joke maintaining straight hair and that too the entire day, every day, everywhere. Even when digging into greasy chicken fry in the canteen with your bare hands, having that ideal shiny hair always directs back to a hint of class and sophistication. Letting those hair mimic fearless hay straws, which are able to keep still even on a drastic windy day, naturally shows that nothing can stop you from keeping your head straight.

Maintaining posture in heels
High heels have always been part of the fashion world but somehow they were restricted to parties or other fancy gatherings. Nowadays, they are a must in your average university classroom. And, why not? Being able to maintain yourself on two chopsticks is not an easy trick, especially if you happen to be paying a good chunk of your tuition fees over them. Basically, learning this form of art teaches you the most important philosophy of life: Balance is everything. Amen.

Seriously, there will be bumps on the road, there will be people coming in your way, trying to overthrow you from your destination and, yes, there will be the ups and downs in life but nothing, absolutely NOTHING will get you to fall down!

And, of course, with shoes that come in pointed-front that expose the tip of your nails, have the toenail color matching your eye-shadow for an extra bonus on your great coordination skills.

Squeezing the world in your tiny purse
Big bags are there too but for those of you who can manage to punch in all the required accessories for the day into a 30 by 30 centimetre silky-sack, know that you are the pioneers of the phrase "organizational behaviour". That's right, getting a

· Brush
· Moneybag
· Eye-shadow
· Compact
· More money
· Lipstick
· Lip-gloss
· Nail filer
· Eyeliner

in that tiny space requires raw talent and raw dedication to daily campus fashion. Trust me, there is just no better way to express management skills!

Wearing evergreen makeup
Now comes the part about making sure that the makeup glimmers all day long. This could take hours if you count the checking yourself in the mirror after every class for 20 minutes.

But the most important factor in the end of the day is 'time'. Here is the thing, they may walk in class late but there is no way you can assault them for their lack in time management. Really, those who serve themselves to the fashion world are able to come into class everyday, no matter what the occasion - whether there happens to be a quiz, a midterm, and a presentation or just another day - in a full-fledged Bollywood look.

And they can manage it even when there is a class at 8 in the morning! Now that's what I call talent at its best. Like I said, you can't accuse them for failing in time management expertise. They have it and they are very devoted and fanatical towards it - that's what life and careers is all about right?

Making your presence felt
And why not? Did we not learn that it is important to make yourself noticed and remembered whenever going for an interview? Well, the best way to magnify your appearance is of course by adding some noise. That's right, those bracelets, anklets and hairpins with heavy tinkling bells attached are just the thing to make sure that everyone can stop whatever they were doing, i.e. working hard and minding their own business, and turn around to take a good look at the noise maker. If that doesn't grab their attention, nothing will.

Committed and repetitive self-absorbed behaviour
Nothing says commitment more than being able to run your hands through the hair 20 times every hour, not to mention the constant re-glossing those pumped up lips. Added to mean smirks whenever passing those who know nothing about trend, you are more than ready to take charge of your own life. This characteristics and tip is particularly important for those who are aiming to attack the selfish world of materialism.

So there you have it, fashion prepares you for the bigger and greater battles in life. Without wearing the right clothes, shoes, bags and make up, you are nothing but a mere normal human being. So take out your dad's savings and go wild with these tips.